“Help! I am President Barack Obama!”

I received the following e-mail message whose return e-mail accress was podpeople@avatar

Help! I am President Barack Obama! I am being held prisoner by aliens who are trying to take over the planet to exploit its valuable mineral resources. I have been replaced by an alien-controlled android operated by an Obama simulation program.

Do you think the real President Obama, after having created a grassroots support network the like of which has not been seen in recent memory, would let his programs go down to defeat without calling on the grassroots for help? Do you think the real President Obama would play hardball to get congressional approval of a troop surge in Afghanistan and reappointment of Ben Bernanke as Federal Reserve chair, then stand by with folded arms while his signature issue, health care reform, went down to defeat? Do you think the real President Obama would be stupid enough to not only adopt his opponent John McCain’s idea of a spending freeze, but to call it a “spending freeze”? Wake up before it is too late!

I can’t vouch for the authenticity of this message, and it does sound far-fetched. But what’s your explanation for what’s going on?

Later.  The State of the Union address sounded like it came from the real Barack Obama. I hope he was the one who showed up for work the next day in the Oval Office.


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