George Tyger’s Rules of the Trail

George Tyger was minister of First Universalist Church of Rochester for six years, then in 2007 enlisted in the U.S. Army as a chaplain. He loved mountaineering and extreme sports. He came up with these rules for mountain hikers that he also applied to walking the path of life.

1. Hike your own hike.
2. Set your own pace, but set a pace.
3. Never pass water without filling up.
4. It is your pack; you decide what goes in it.
5. When lost, look behind you.
6. Never fail to stop at a good view.
7. Look down the trail but watch where you put your feet.
8. Know when to turn around.
9. Hike in the rain.
10. The goal is not the peak; it is the parking lot.


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