Work that needs doing, men who need work

We have cities dependent on antiquated water and sewerage systems, many dating back to the 19th century.  We have millions of able-bodied men who are out of workWhat is the problem in putting the men to work replacing water and sewer pipe?

The problem is an ideology that says that everything that is done by government and supported by taxes is unnecessary or bad, especially if rich people are taxed and poor people benefit.  When public water and sewer systems were first proposed in the 19th century, they were opposed by affluent people who had their own private systems, until it was pointed out that contagious disease doesn’t necessarily limit itself to one economic class of people.

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2 Responses to “Work that needs doing, men who need work”

  1. Anne Tanner Says:

    …And women!


  2. philebersole Says:

    Certainly both men and women need jobs, but I don’t think many women are likely to be employed laying water and sewer pipe.


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