Homestretch for health care reform (2)

I’m glad that President Obama at last is acting like a fighting leader, and not like the moderator of a panel discussion.  It is not logical, but that alone makes me more willing to get behind his health reform program.

I’m still disappointed that the health care reform bill contains no public option and it apparently does not provide any regulation of  health insurance premiums.  But there is a long list of organizations (*) that say it is better than the present situation.  Click on the highlighted words to see what I mean.

My hope is that once the principle of universal health care is accepted, the problems can be fixed; the danger is that the program will work so badly, with all the young people who supported Obama being forced to buy health insurance they can’t afford, that it will be repealed and taken off the national political agenda for another generation.

(*) Scroll down or move through the pages to see the list.


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