The rules of health

1. Don’t smoke cigarettes.

2. Get seven hours of sleep.

3. Eat breakfast.

4. Keep your weight down.

5. Drink moderately.

6. Exercise daily.

7. Don’t eat between meals.

I found these rules in The Public Interest magazine in the 1970s. They were a summary of what was known to science at that time about what individuals could do to increase their health and longevity. I don’t think such a list would be different today.

The point of the list was that it did not include See doctors frequently or Take lots of medication. That’s a valid and important point if you think in terms of broad statistics. On the other hand I would be dead if my former doctor had not spotted something in a routine checkup, and I have a friend who would be dead if not for medications he is taking.

Still, the rules of health are good ones. That’s why I copied them and kept them to this day.

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