Human rights in central Asia

Central Asia is not often in the American public eye, but the region has some of the world’s most vicious dictatorships, the U.S. government is involved in the region, and the oppressed people of Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries have the same right to justice as people anywhere.


Why Do I Care?


Uzbekistan’s president dies after quarter century in power by Olzhas Auyezov for Reuters.  (September 2016)

Uzbekistan’s president Islam Karimov dies after three decades in office by Samuel Osborne for The Independent.  (September 2016)

Uzbekistan plunged into uncertainty by death of dictator Islam Karimov by Shaun Walker and Luke Harding for The Guardian.  (September 2016)

Where the War on Terror Lives Forever by Reid Standish for Foreign Policy.  (September 2016)

The Plague of Karimov’s Rule in Uzbekistan by Juan Cole for Informed Comment.  (September 2016)

What Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About Uzbekistan by Ted Rall for Counterpunch.  (September 2016)

Why Did the US Just Bar a Former British Diplomat From Entering the Country? by Thomas Hedges for The Real News Network.  (September 2016)

The Death of One of Washington’s Favorite Tyrants by Stephen Zunes for Common Dreams.  (September 2016).

Uzbekistan: After Karimov, a Struggle for the Spoils by Chris Benevento and Elle Alkanova for the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.  (September 2016)

Meet Central Asia’s leaders for life by Dan Peleschuk for Public Radio International.  (October 2016)

Vladimir Putin’s Newest Export: Terrorists by Michael Weiss and Katie Zavadski for The Daily Beast.  (January 2017)

Sources of Information


Choihona: independent news of Uzbekistan

Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan

Cotton Campaign: End Forced and Child Labor in Uzbekistan

Human Rights Watch reports on Kyrgyzstan

Human Rights Watch reports on Uzbekistan

Amnesty International reports on Kyrgyzstan

Amnesty International reports on Uzbekistan

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