Those inscrutable Chinese

I once had a grade school teacher who liked to say the Chinese were the most intelligent people in the world.

As evidence, she cited two things. One was the alleged Chinese practice of paying doctors only when you were healthy, not when you were sick. The other was the alleged custom of Chinese warlords who, before risking actual fighting, would line up their armies to see which was the largest, so that the warlord with the clearly weaker force could retire without having to get anybody killed.  Back in the 1940s, Americans tended to assume, without thinking about it, that there was something about Chineseness that meant that China would always be divided and under the rule of warlords.

A lot has changed in the past 60-some years, but, despite globalization, China is still a very different and very interesting culture.

Click on this to see 16 things you can buy at a Chinese Walmart.

Click on this to read about a unique kind of job offering in China. (I thank my friend Anne Tanner for this link.)


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