The Burlington Coat Factory Mosque

I wonder how many people think the “Ground Zero Mosque” will be an actual mosque on the actual site of Ground Zero, rather than a community center in a former Burlington Coat Factory store two blocks away.

It would be easy to get that impression based on the news coverage.  I imagine that, lower Manhattan being what it is, there are pornographic book stores and strip clubs as close to the former Twin Towers site as the Cordoba House will be, but nobody calls them the Ground Zero Porn Shops or the Ground Zero Strip Joints.

[Update 8/21/10]

Okay, the new name for the Cordoba House, which is not a Ground Zero Mosque, is the Park51 community center.

Click on Hallowed Ground for photographs of activities as close to the Twin Towers site as the Park51 center would be.  Click on Hallowed Ground II and scroll down for a photograph of the actual Park51 site.

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One Response to “The Burlington Coat Factory Mosque”

  1. Cory Nedlik Says:

    I’m offended that there was a Burlington Coat Factory there, personally.


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