Is the country shifting to the right? or left?

Chris Powers writes on the Daily Kos web log that the United States is moving to the left, not to the right as so many people assume.

As evidence, he points to growing tolerance of interracial marriage, growing tolerance of same-sex marriage, the narrowing of the male-female wage gap, growing tolerance of marijuana legalization and increased spending on social programs as a percentage of gross domestic product.

What’s noteworthy about all these is that none of them except maybe the last affects the profitability of corporations or the income of millionaires and billionaires.  And social spending is something that goes up when times are bad.

So is the country shifting to the right, or to the left?  It depends on what you mean by left and right.  If by left you mean more permissive social attitudes, we have moved radically to the left.  If you mean governing in the interests of working people, we have moved in the opposite direction.

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2 Responses to “Is the country shifting to the right? or left?”

  1. coastx Says:

    The country is being led off course by neopoliticians who have pledged to Intel’s US sedition project, what Rex directive is to collapse domestic and economic infrastructures.

    The way this works is Fabianism is promoted by Neoliberals, and Keynesian economics is promoted by Neocons: however, Neos can post either way, domestic or economic, which adds confusion to their politics.

    Stimulus and deficit spending during a recession is a Keynesian tactic, and it doesn’t work. As grand a plan as it may seem to be by the numbers, it is actually merely a consolidation model, and it’s benefits are always short lived. What it also does is opens the door to corruption.

    We are under legislative siege our Quisling politicians following Churchill’s democratization plan, and hard as this may be to accept, Hitler was Britain’s boy for a while. We have taken his place as Intel’s own private military.

    We have to rout all Neos, and they posture both Dem and Republican. You can identify them by their involvement in the Fed, CFR, Trilateral commission, Round Table, PNAC/FPI, G8, G20, ACORN ad nauseum ad infinitum. They have direct involvement in these organizations as well as their secret societies.

    Also, the Illuminati and Freemasons that people are worried about were at one time enlightenment entities but were commandeered by Britain in 1836, and it’s been down hill ever since.

    This started with the civil war over import of cotton progressed to the establishment of the Fed and the CFR, and has been building strength ever since. JFK was Intel’s first US assassination, and Ted Stevens was their most recent.

    We are in for one hell of a street fight.


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