Divergent thinking and educational paradigms

My friend Bill Elwell found this interesting.

So do I.  On the other hand, consider Weiler’s Law

I think that creative thinking is a combination of divergent thinking and critical thinking.  I think that both need to be taught.

Somebody said that in order to be a writer, you had to be able to do two things.  (1)  Keep a journal in which you wrote something every day for 12 or 18 months.  (2)  At the end of that period, destroy everything except your three or four best entries.  You have to be able to let the spontaneous ideas flow freely.  And then, at some point, you have to be able to judge these ideas objectively.

There’s room for improvement and new thinking in our public school system, but the system performs pretty well compared to other institutions of society – the financial system, for example. Click on Urban Schools for more on that.


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