Vegetarians running for barbecue chef

Tea Party Republicans are unlikely to do a good job running the government, for the same reason a bunch of vegetarians are unlikely to put on a good barbecue, a bunch of teetotalers are unlikely to mix good cocktails, and members of the Socialist Workers Party are unlikely to do a good job of running a Fortune 500 corporation.

If you sincerely believe that “government is the problem” – not just a particular activity or power of government, but government itself – then it is an exercise in futility to try to manage the government efficiently and effectively.  In fact, the closer you come to governing well, the more you undermine your argument, and the more you mess up, the more you prove your original argument was right.

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2 Responses to “Vegetarians running for barbecue chef”

  1. ThinkAsTheyDoOrElse Says:

    You’re missing the main issues with the government is the problem complaint. It’s become so large it’s crowding out the private sector from which it gets its funds. Poorly thought out (or even vindictive) tax and regulation policy add to uncertainty and stifle investment that can create new jobs.

    I shop at Price Right as well and occasionally at Tops. I like the small shallow carts at Wegmans, that’s why I prefer it.

    I hope this new voting system works out OK.


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