Could Wikileaks send a rejection slip?

Wikileaks promises whistleblowers that (1) it will protect their anonymity and (2) it will make its best effort to assure maximum publicity for the leaked information.

Suppose a whistleblower gave Wikileaks information that the Wikileaks management decided was irrelevant, misleading or harmful.  Would Wikileaks sit on the information?  Would Wikileaks reject the information?

Some dissatisfied members of Wikileaks have formed a competing organization, Openleaks.  Will the two organizations compete for leaked information?

Wikileaks’ emerging business model has been to offer its leaked information on an exclusive basis to responsible publications such as The Guardian, and only to post on the Internet the information that its journalistic allies have decided to publish.

Now that Wikileaks has at least one competitor, will there be competing networks of newspapers and magazines based on which Wikileaks-type organization they choose to patronize?

Wikileaks has proven superior to the traditional journalistic model in at least one respect.  Historically journalists have written articles based on confidential information, but usually with little or no direct reference to the actual leaked document.  The readers, listeners or viewers get the information filtered through the perspective of reporters and editors.  Wikileaks, by posting the originals of the documents on the Internet, gives readers of The Guardian and the other publications an opportunity to check the source material for themselves.

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