Ten truths of management

1. Think before you act. It’s not your money.
2. All good management is the expression of one great idea.
3. No executive devotes effort to proving himself wrong.
4. Cash in must exceed cash out.
5. All organizations have too little management capability.
6. Either an executive can do his job or he can’t.
7. If sophisticated calculations are required to justify an action,
don’t do it.
8. If you are doing something wrong, you will do it badly.
9. If you are attempting the impossible, you will fail.
10. The easiest way to make money is to stop losing it.

Robert Heller

The author of the “ten truths” is Robert Heller, founding editor of the British magazine Management Today and author of The Naked Manager (1971) and other books on management.

Click on Interview with Robert Heller for background on his career and ideas.

Click on Robert Heller on Management Issues for a web site devoted to his ideas.

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