Union-busting doesn’t make government efficient

Public employee unions set a bad example.  At a time when wages and benefits of private-sector workers are being squeezed, and the numbers of the long-term unemployed are on the increase, some government workers still have relatively good benefits and a measure of job security.

The question now before the American public is whether we demand jobs at decent wages for all Americans, or whether we want government workers to suffer the same squeeze and insecurity as everybody else.

The Republican governor of Wisconsin is out to destroy the public employee unions in his state, as a test case for moving against public employee unions everywhere.

Are public sector unions bad for government?

Click on this interactive map to see which states require, allow or forbid collective bargaining by state employees.

Click on this map to see which states are judged by the Pew Center on the States to have the most effective government.

After viewing these maps, or even judging on the basis of what is commonly known about the different states, you’d find it argue that union-busting is the key to good government.

Click on What is actually being proposed in Wisconsin? and Unions aren’t to blame for Wisconsin’s budget for reports on that state’s budget crisis.  In brief, the state government’s budget was turned from surplus to deficit as a result of legislation giving new tax breaks to business, and this is now being used as an excuse to break the unions.

Hat tip to Ezra Klein for links to the maps.

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