Volkswagen’s transparent factory

Hat tip to Bill Elwell

Volkswagen, whose German factories, by the way, are unionized, is a remarkable company.  But its Phaeton is not a typical product.  Its 2011 base price in the United States is $64,600.

Click on Volkswagen of America Announces Price of Its Luxury Class Phaeton for the company’s press release.

Click on A Photo Tour of the Transparent Factory in Dresden for still photos and description of the Phaeton manufacturing process.

Click on Volkswagen Bests Ford to Become Number One in Profitability for 2010 for an Automotive News report on Volkswagen’s financial results.

Click on Volkswagen Agrees to Wage Increase for Workers for a New York Times report on Volkswagen’s new union contract.

The video is from the Discovery Channel’s Megaworld series, which highlights scientific and engineering accomplishments from all over the world, including Australia, Britain, Canada, Dubai, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the western United States as well as Germany.

Click on Discovery Channel Megaworld for a complete episode list.

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