Rand Paul in defense of the Constitution

Rand Paul, the freshman libertarian Republican Senator from Kentucky, conducted a seven-hour filibuster to delay renewal of expiring provisions of the USA Patriot Act – such as the one that gives Homeland Security the right to check on what library books I borrow, and makes it a crime for the librarian to tell me about it.

Paul is derided as an extremist.  But if it is extremist to defend basic Constitutional liberties, call me an extremist, too.   If the United States continues to have a constitutional form of government, history will record that Rand Paul had a sounder understanding of the Constitution than do President Barack Obama or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Click on Rand Paul’s Stand Against the PATRIOT Act for comment by Conor Friedersdorf, an associate editor of The Atlantic magazine.

Click on The Patriot Act and bipartisanship for pointed comment by Glenn Greenwald on Salon.

[Added 6/1/11]  Maybe I was premature to praise Rand Paul for his understanding of the Constitution.  He recently told Sean Hannity on Fox News that Muslims and others who listen to violent speeches ought to be locked up.

Click on Rand Paul, Making a Name for Himself  for comment on this by the Washington Monthly’s Steve Benen.

Click on Criminalizing Free Speech for a reconsideration of Rand Paul by Glenn Greenwald.  As Greenwald pointed out, nothing that Rand Paul said is as bad as what President Obama has done.

Click on The Most Interesting Man in the Senate for a profile of Rand Paul by Reason magazine.

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