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If I am so critical of President Obama, you might ask who I think is better.  Do I wish that John McCain was elected President of the United States?  Do I regret that the Democrats didn’t nominate Hillary Clinton or John Edwards? Do I think John Boehner or Mitch McConnell are better leaders?  Would I vote for Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Michelle Bachman, Tim Pawlenty or Rick Perry in 2012?

No, probably not.  But the United States is a nation of 320 million people.  I don’t know how many are native-born American citizens over age 35, but it must be more than 100 million.  Can it be true that out of more than 100 million, the individuals I have named are the nation’s best possible leaders?   Doesn’t this indicate there is something deeply wrong with our method of selecting leaders?

I admit I don’t have a plan in my back pocket that would resolve this for once and for all.  Many reforms were enacted in the past, such as the direct primary election, for taking the process away from wealthy individuals and corporations and putting it back into the hands of the people, and wealthy individuals and corporations found ways to get around them.  It is a continuing struggle.  If nothing else, we the people still have the right of free speech to express our dissatisfaction, and, in most states, the option to vote for Presidential candidates other than Democrats or Republicans.


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