“What are we defending?”

The following by Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone is exactly right:

… When we abandoned our principles in order to use force against terrorists and drug dealers, the answer to the question, What are we defending? started to change.

The original answer, ostensibly, was, “We are defending the peaceful and law-abiding citizens of the United States, their principles, and everything America stands for.”

Then after a while it became, “We’re defending the current population of the country, but we can’t defend the principles so much anymore, because they weigh us down in the fight against a ruthless enemy who must be stopped at all costs.”

Then finally it became this: “We are defending ourselves, against the citizens who insist on keeping their rights and their principles.”

What happened at UC Davis was the inevitable result of our failure to make sure our government stayed in the business of defending our principles.  When we stopped insisting on that relationship with our government, they became something separate from us.

And we are stuck now with this fundamental conflict, whereby most of us are insisting that the law should apply equally to everyone, while the people running this country for years now have been operating according to the completely opposite principle that different people have different rights, and who deserves what protections is a completely subjective matter, determined by those in power, on a case-by-case basis.  … …

The state wants to retain the power to make these subjective decisions, because being allowed to selectively enforce the law effectively means they have despotic power.  And who wants to lose that?

The UC Davis incident crystallized all of this in one horrifying image.  Anyone who commits violence against a defenseless person is lost.  And the powers that be in this country are lost.  They’ve been going down this road for years now, and they no longer stand for anything. … …

Bravo to those kids who hung in there and took it.  And bravo for standing up and showing everyone what real strength is.  There is no strength without principle.  You have it.  They lost it.  It’s as simple as that.

Click on UC Davis Pepper-Spray Incident Reveals Weakness Up Top to read Taibbi’s whole article.

Hat tip to Glenn Greenwald.

[Update 12/2/11]  Click on About Pepper Spray for a report on its chemistry and toxicology.  Hat tip to The Browser.

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One Response to ““What are we defending?””

  1. Anne Tanner Says:

    But since we are still the government, like it or not, that phrase in the last paragraph should read, “We lost it.”


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