Are we already at war with Iran?

U.S. military bases in the Middle East (double click to enlarge)

Barack Obama is President of the United States because, alone of all the major Presidential candidates, he had sense enough to oppose the invasion of Iraq from the beginning.  He said he wasn’t against all wars—just stupid wars.

But now that Barack Obama is President, his administration is drifting into war with Iran, a larger and more powerful nation with a stronger government than the crumbling Saddam dictatorship.  All the reasons that made invading Iraq a stupid apply many times over to Iran.

In fact, all indications show that a covert war already is being waged against Iran.  Mysterious explosions have wrecked a uranium enrichment facility, a military base storing missile, a steel factory.  Nuclear scientists have been killed by car bombs, by shooting and by unknown means.  The Stuxnet computer virus attacked the systems that run the centrifuges at an Iranian nuclear facility.  All these things are covert.

On the record, the United States government continues to wage economic warfare against Iran.  An anti-government organization called the Mujahedin-a-Khalq (People”s Mujahadeen Organization of Iran), which the U.S. State Department declared a terrorist organization in 1995, has been taken off the terrorist list.  And U.S. drones regularly violate Iranian air space.

Suppose the situation was reverse, Glenn Greenwald asked.  Suppose there was a powerful foreign country with bases and 150,000 troops in Canada and Mexico.  Suppose there was reason to believe that this country’s agents were murdering American scientists, blowing up American nuclear facilities, and waging cyber-warfare against the United States government.  Suppose that country were openly trying to cripple the U.S. economy.  Suppose it was involved with a terrorist organization operating on U.S. soil.  Suppose its aircraft violated U.S. air space.  How would the U.S. government respond?  What would be our reaction as Americans?

The reason we Americans so seldom think this way is that we assume that our government can invade, bomb and subvert foreign countries with impunity.  We are under the illusion that this will never have any adverse consequences for ourselves.

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