A pagan fable

War had come to an end, but famine came in its place.  There were three men who each stole a sack of corn from different owners, but they were all caught.

The first owner brought his thief to the judge, and the maidens said everywhere that he had done right.

The second owner took the corn away from his thief and let him go in peace.  The maidens said he has done well.

The third owner went to the thief’s house, and when he saw what misery was there, he went and brought a waggon-load of necessaries to relieve their distress.  Frya’s maidens came around him and wrote his deed in the eternal book, and wiped out all his sins.  This was reported to the Eeremoeder, and she had it made known over the whole country.

==From a 13th century manuscript quoted by Making Light.


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