Is it too late for a new candidate?

It is technically possible that Republican voters could turn to a candidate other than Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul.  Highly unlikely, but technically possible.

› Under the rules, a [Republican] candidate must win 1,144 delegates during the primary season to win a majority and secure the nomination

› It is thought that a new candidate jumping in now would only be able to compete in eight of the remaining primaries – that gives them a possible 519 candidates up for grabs

› But a good showing in those primaries could not only establish that candidate’s credibility but also mean that none of the other candidates reach that 1,144 figure

› That would raise the prospect of what is known as a brokered convention, which essentially turns August’s Republican convention into one big debate to decide the nominee

via Al Jazeera English.

The Republicans’ dissatisfaction with their current crop of candidates isn’t new.  It is more common than not in each Presidential election for both Democrats and Republicans to ask:  Is this really the best we can do?  Since this happens so often, maybe the problem lies with the process rather than the individuals.  Can’t we come up with a process that is less exhausting, less demeaning and less expensive?

Click on Huntsman, Barbour Call for New Candidate for news of Republican dissatisfaction with the current selection of candidates.

Click on Republicans Want a Nominee Pre-Convention for a Gallup poll indicating that 55 percent of Republican voters are dissatisfied with their current selection, but they want the choice to be made in the primaries and not by a convention.

Click on Results of the 2012 Republican Party presidential primaries for Wikipedia’s running report on the Republican race.

Click on Republican presidential candidates 2012 for Wikipedia’s comprehensive roundup on all the Republican candidates.

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One Response to “Is it too late for a new candidate?”

  1. Atticus Finch Says:

    I listen to a podcast called “the no agenda show” and they “jokingly” theorize that Republicans will go to a brokered convention and Jeb Bush will be nominated.

    A.) If that happens I’m moving to Canada
    B.) If that happens the guys at that podcast are officially the best political analysts on earth.


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