New links: Quotations, Waco

I’ve made some additions to my links menu.

Under Pages, I’ve restored my Favorite Quotations, which I once took down because it didn’t seem to get many views.  But a friend of mine said she missed it, so I put it back up.   There is a basic list of quotations in alphabetical order by source, and then new additions to the list at the top with the newest added first.

I’ve put up a new category, Important Documentaries, in which I have restored the link to Waco: the Rules of Engagement, about the tragic killing of members of the Branch Davidian cult near Waco, Texas, by federal agents in 1993.  I had taken down the link because it didn’t seem to get any views, understandably because it is two hours long.  But I put it back up because it is the best documentary motion picture I have ever seen, and because of the importance of the subject.  It shows that Americans killed by their own government basically for being unacceptably weird.  If the U.S. government was not waging a “war on terror,” it might be waging a war on cults or a war on militias.

The other link under Important Documentaries is a four-part BBC documentary, The Century of the Self, on how psychological knowledge has been used to manipulate society.  It, too, might be longer than many people would want to watch on a computer screen, but the producer, Adam Curtis, found a lot of interesting stuff I’ve never seen anywhere else, and connects disparate facts in a way I’ve never seen anybody else do.

I continue to update my Articles menu.  The three top items are new this week.

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