These graphs posted by John Pennington of San Francisco give a good snapshot of the U.S. economy. I think the loss of public sector jobs (shown in the fourth graph) is a bad thing, not a good thing as Pennington implies; and in any case, the job loss reflects layoffs at the state and local level due to the recession.

There is a link to Pennington’s Class War in American web log in the More Blogs menu on the right side of the page.

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  1. Atticus Finch Says:

    I wonder if oligarchy is part of the problem. As with any problem this didn’t happen over night. Government and corporations becoming one and benefiting each other while slowly the average worker becomes poorer. Those who do make it are too satisfied to do anything about it and those who do not are too weak to do anything.

    Since it was supposed to be the Government’s job to keep corps honest and the corporate execs took too much risk at the expense of everyone else we end up with an increasing income gap, loss of middle class, and a lot of corruption.

    I wonder what the answer to this very complex problem is?


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