Julian Assange and the cypherpunks

In Episode 8 of The World Tomorrow, Julian Assange interviewed activists in the cypherpunk movement, who advocate the use of cryptography as a means to protect individual privacy on the Internet.  Assange and his guests discussed the militarization and corporatization of cyberspace. They talked about how the Internet is both a great potential facilitator of freedom of information and discussion, and a great potential tool of surveillance by Big Brother.   This week’s episode is the first of a two-part series.

Click on Digital Journal for a summary of Episode 8, a version of Episode 8 without a commercial and links to previous episodes.

After the program was recorded, one of Assange’s guests, Jeremie Zimmerman, a French citizen, was stopped at an airport and interrogated by FBI agents about Assange and his broadcasts.  View that story below.

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