New links: Why Elites Fail, etc.

Anybody who finds my posts interesting should find the items in my links menus even more interesting.  Here are some recent additions to those menus.


Why Elites Fail Christopher Hayes, author of the newly-published Twilight of the Elites, attacks the myth of meritocracy.  Elite groups have learned to rig the system in their own favor, but yet convince themselves and others that they deserve their privileges.

Malcolm Gladwell Unmasked: a Look at American’s Most Successful Propagandist  The best-selling writer Malcolm Gladwell is exposed as a shill for Enron, Wall Street, the tobacco industry and the drug industry.

The problem with performance pay. A former high-ranking Australian government official writes that so-called “performance pay” undermines morale and teamwork, and enables managers to evade their responsibilities.

The forgetting pill: How a new drug can ease your worst memoriesA writer for UK Wired tells of a new drug by which people can erase unwanted memories, much like in the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” but skips over the Orwellian implications.  Hat tip to Bill Hickok.

Articles of lasting interest

Clayton Christensen: How Will You Measure Your Life?   Christensen, described by a New Yorker writer as “the most influential business thinker on earth,” writes about how businesses fail through looking at marginal cost rather than total cost, and why it is easier to stick by your principles 100 percent of the time rather than 98 percent of the time.

Dimitry Orlov: Sustainable living as religious observanceOrlov is a Russian-born American citizen who believes that the United States is on the verge of collapse for many of the same reasons the old Soviet Union collapsed. Although apparently not a religious person himself, he argues that history shows religion can hold societies together when their political and economic systems are broken.

Good blogs

Ask Old Jules | the Hermit in the Hill CountryA blogger in the Texas Hill Country responds to readers’ questions with wit and wisdom.

Cop in the Hood.   Peter Moskos, a former Baltimore City police officer who now teaches police science at City University of New York, provides thoughtful commentary on law enforcement.

Diane Ravitch’s blog: a site to discuss better education for allA long-time writer on education issues and a critic of progressive education, Ravich now defends teachers and public schools against corporatized school “reform”.

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