“Pakistan a hired gun to kill US enemies”

Julian Assange interviewed Imran Khan, the elected front-runner in Pakistan’s general election to be held later this year, for his The World Tomorrow TV program.  Imran Khan was a cricket star in Pakistan and then a lonely anti-corruption fighter, but now is a leader of the opposition to Pakistan’s government.

He said that, if elected, he will alter Pakistan’s relationship with the United States to a more equal one, in which U.S. forces do not have free rein to launch drone missile attacks in Pakistan.  He said the U.S. “war on terror” is counterproductive, and has inspired more terrorists than it has eliminated.

Although Assange is under house arrest in London, he manages to interview interesting and varied people all over the world, which I would never expect to see on the major U.S. TV stations.  He often, as with Imran Khan, draws on Wikileaks cables as backgrounds for his interviews.

Click on Imran Khan: Next man in? for background on Imran Khan from Al Jazeera English.

Click on Digital Journal for a written summary of Julian Assange’s interview with Imran Khan and links to previous episodes of The World Tomorrow.

The World Tomorrow is broadcast by the RT (Russia Today) network, which was started by the Russian government.  Assange said he has complete freedom to broadcast what he wishes, without checking with RT.

[Later]  Julian Assange has asked for political asylum in Ecuador to avoid being extradited from Britain to Sweden on sexual misconduct charges.  Click on Wikileaks founder seeks asylum in Ecuador for the Al Jazeera report.  Click on Assange asks Ecuador for asylum for Glenn Greenwald’s report.

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