Secret money in tax havens = GDP of USA, Japan

According to this Al Jazeera English report, the world’s wealthiest people have more than $30 trillion stashed away in secret tax havens.  That’s more than the annual combined gross domestic products of the United States and Japan.

Tax havens are worth looking at a time when governments are cutting back on basic public services because they supposedly can’t afford them.  Maybe the Greek government wouldn’t be broke if the richest Greeks weren’t able to evade paying taxes.

Al Jazzeera has its own slant on the news, and I wouldn’t recommend anybody use it as their sole source of news, but I get information and ideas from Al Jazeera that I don’t get from the mainstream American TV networks, and I spend more time watching Al Jazeera on my computer than I spend watching news on TV from all sources combined.

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One Response to “Secret money in tax havens = GDP of USA, Japan”

  1. Christian Says:

    I have been admiring your blog for a while now. You always have excellent research and fact. I always thought your posts were very professional. Finally I decided to read your bio – and you are a professional… I found that a little funny.

    Anyways, I just wanted to stop by and say keep up the good work!


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