Achieve True Happiness? | Ask Old Jules

Old Jules, how do we achieve true happiness? Is it through wealth and materialistic things or through inner self and wisdom?

  1. Old Jules

    Examine yourself to allow you to decide what facets of yourself you don’t admire, respect and love.

  2. Change those traits to something you’d admire, respect and love in another person.
  3. Examine your expectations for your life and the environment around you, considering what facets of it all you find as triggers for angst, resentment, envy, agony and ire.
  4. Lower your expectations and forgive the world around you and yourself for not being more to your liking.  Do it daily, hourly, constantly.
  5. Engage in gratitude affirmations when you awaken each morning and before you sleep at night until you are grateful for everything that’s happened in your life, everything happening now, and projecting forward to everything that will happen until you end this lifetime.

Old Jules is the handle of a blogger who lives in the Texas hill country.  Click on Ask Old Jules and So Far From Heaven for his web logs.

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