Mark Kleiman on The Reality-Based Community blog pointed out an interesting fact.

The nomination of Paul Ryan marks a milestone in American history: for the first time, there is no white Protestant running for President or Vice President on a major-party ticket.

Better yet, no one seems to mind. Perhaps the arc of history does bend in the right direction after all.

via The Reality-Based Community.

And, as somebody pointed out in the discussion thread, this is the first time since before World War Two that none of the major-party candidates for President or Vice President has done any military service.

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One Response to “Milestone”

  1. Atticus Finch Says:

    Its funny that when Kennedy was elected it was a big deal that he was catholic. This kind of goes with my argument that there is no absolute morality for a lot of things especially when it comes to social issues.

    Causing harm to another person is always pretty much always wrong, but a person’s beliefs or sexual orientation is up for discussion as I believe time has proven.


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