Defense industry CEO: nice work if you can get it

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This infographic from the Project on Governmental Oversight, a watchdog organization, shows that the CEOs of the top five Pentagon contractors—Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Northrup Grumman and Raytheon—received average compensation equal to 268 of their employees or 335 American active-duty enlisted personnel.

The Department of Defense does cap payments for contractor executive salaries at $750,000.  Anything the CEOs get over and above that comes out of profits, or out of work these companies do for other customers, not the U.S. taxpayer—at least, not directly.  But considering problems with cost overruns with major military contractors, I still have to wonder about the justification for such large compensation practices.

Click on Pentagon CEO Compensation Is Second to None for the complete POGO report, which is the source of the infographic.

Click on Lockheed Martin for a profile of the company and its scandals by Crocodyl, a corporate watchdog organization.

Click on Boeing for Crocodyl’s profile.

Click on General Dynamics for  Crocodyl’s profile.

Click on Northrup Grumman for Crocodyl’s profile.

Click on Raytheon for Crocodyl’s profile.

Hat tip for the infographic to Bill Elwell.

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