Ernie and the Forest of Envy

Click on Ernie and the Forest of Envy by Simon and Finn for a delightful picture story about how people make themselves unhappy.

Hat tip to Ken Blackwell.

In the forest Ernie sees a person with a crown and wishes he had one.

Then he notices that the crown-wearer envies a person who has a sceptre.

He congratulates the crown-wearer, and his feelings of envy dissolve.  The crown-wearer then congratulates the sceptre-bearer.

This fable is true of me.  I’ve had these feelings of envy myself, not of people who possess things I don’t have but of people whose achievements are greater than mine.  I have found that when I congratulated a person whose achievement I envied, the evil feeling drained away, like pus in a boil that has been punctured with a hot needle.

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