Gun control and security theater


I think President Obama’s executive orders and proposed legislation are what is called “security theater”—actions intended to make Americans feel safer whether or not they actually make them safer.

I don’t have any great objection to what he proposes. but I don’t see that they’ll make any great difference one way or the other.

Some problems don’t have a governmental solution.  Some problems don’t have a solution.

As the great H.L. Mencken once said, “The fact that I have no panacea for the world’s ills is no reason why I should accept yours.  It merely increases the likelihood that yours is a fake.”


Click on President Obama’s New, Proposed Executive Orders and Legislation on Guns for a summary.

Then click on Gun Rhetoric vs. Gun Facts for analysis of gun crime statistics by the Annenberg Public Policy Center, and decide what impact you think the President’s proposals would have.

Click on President Obama’s Missing Executive Order on Gun Control for a Rolling Stone article about the President’s failure to use legislated authority to prohibit imports of dangerous weapons not suited for use by hunters and sportsmen.

Click on Background check system for guns deeply flawed for analysis by the Los Angeles Times.


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