Something I did not know about hydrofracking

I had not known that the chemical-laded hydrofracking waste water was spread on western New York highways for de-icing in the winter and keeping down dust in the winter.  So long as this is done, it negates any regulations to prevent leakage of the chemical-laden water during the hydraulic fracturing process itself.

saltbrinesystem_eOn January 15, the Woodstock Town Board unanimously passed a resolution to petition New York State to introduce New York Public Law #1—which would impose stiff penalties for fracking and related activities.  Before taking this step, the Woodstock Town Board took two others: banning fracking within its borders and outlawing the use of frackwaste fluid, some of which is known as “brine” (because of its heavy salt content), on its roads. 

This material is used as a de-icing agent in the winter and for dust control on dirt roads in the summer.  Despite the fact that brine from oil and gas wells (whether fracked or not) is laden with heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and radioactivity, since 2008 the Department of Environmental Conservation has granted approval for it to be spread on roads in the western part of the state.

Click on Can a Small Community Throw a Monkey Wrench Into the Global Fracking Machine? for details.

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2 Responses to “Something I did not know about hydrofracking”

  1. Holden Says:

    Oohhh….. laden with heavy metals….. I wouldn’t want to be caught drinking any groundwater or eating any lifestock/wild game from those areas. I’m surprised they let them slosh it around on the roads like that.


  2. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    The invisible pimp hand of the marketplace strikes again.


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