Books on paper are here to stay (I hope)


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The other advantage of books on paper is that they can’t be deleted at the push of a button by Big Brother (in the form of Amazon, Google or Homeland Security).

Source: Daily Infographic.

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2 Responses to “Books on paper are here to stay (I hope)”

  1. Jane Hickok Says:

    Yes, I understand that buying an e book is more like renting it.


  2. Holden Says:

    I have an e-book reader but still prefer paper in many ways. For one, I just don’t like looking at a screen to read. Maybe if I had a Kindle paperwhite reader instead of something with an LCD screen (a nook color) I’d feel different.

    But the real, serious reason I keep buying physical books over e-books is more economical. There is no secondary market for e-books! I can’t go find a great e-book used on Amazon or for a few dollars, then resell it when I’m done!

    E-books also don’t make me look super cool and smart, sitting up on my bookshelf. hehe…


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