A young man’s lessons from life

A young man who posts on BlogTruth summed up some lessons that life has taught him so far.

Many never learn these lessons until much later in life, and some never learn at all.

  1. Listen at least twice as much as you speak.  Think deeply, speak softly.
  2. Don’t give advice unless asked for it.  When you give advice, tread lightly.
  3. Put yourself in others’ shoes.  See the world through others’ eyes.  Assume nothing.
  4. Adopt an iron clad policy of honesty and integrity.  Never steal.  Try not to lie, embellish or gossip.
  5. Be good to your wife and compliment her often, even when she looks like hell—especially when she looks like hell.

via BlogTruth | Observations from a student of life.


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