One Page on radical humility


earth-from-space-artThe Universe is vast, and our Earth is small.  But from Earth we see the unfolding over billions of years of increasingly complex life, including our lives.  A wonderfully patient process has brought us to the present moment.

I believe cooperating with this process will bring us a wonderful future:

A world peace system based on democracy, justice, and freedom, with sustainable prosperity.  Technology protecting clean air and water, and enhancing long-term life.  Both economy and government serving humanity.

Friendly people, loving parents and engaged citizens. Satisfying work, healthy food, adequate housing, and a doctor when we need one.

Oceans teeming with life.  Enjoyment of diverse humankind cooperating to increase global happiness, health, vitality, goodness, and beauty.

But arrogant stories society has told itself have brought us to climate change, corporate-controlled government, unsustainably high population, and unsustainable economics.  We have built doomsday weapons.

Our teachers, corporations, religions, governments, media, friends, and families have told self-congratulatory stories about our exceptionalism.  But they, and we, were wrong.

To reclaim our positive future, we must set aside the comforting certainties we grew up with, and observe the world around us with innocent eyes.  We must create, together, a New Story for our times. We must practice RADICAL HUMILITY to realign ourselves with the Universal process:

•    Because we can “know” things that are not true, we must respect reason and the scientific method of observation and testable hypotheses.
•    Because honest people can disagree, we must dialogue with people with differing ideas to find the truth.
•    Because there are limits to what we can know, we must tolerate ambiguity.
•    Because we share one Earth, we must cooperate with individuals, groups, humankind, and nature.

The Internet has made us all nodes in the web of the world.   An idea whose time has come can circle the world overnight.

We can have a New Story, and new institutions for our positive future, because we get to choose the stories we believe.

We honor the investment the Universe has made in us when we humbly try to create a sustainable, just, and peaceful world.

Hank Stone


Click on What Does a Positive World Future Require? for more One Pages and an explanation of what they are.

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