Where to sit at a restaurant table

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Hat tip to kottke.org


4 Responses to “Where to sit at a restaurant table”

  1. informationforager Says:

    Yes, Very interesting. Frequently many men(but not all) like to sit in positions of power, authority, or access. Frequently many women(but not all) like to sit anywhere that’s good company or a good seat(whatever that means). I like to sit with my back to the wall in the back of the restaurant with the broadest, clearest view. This way I can’t be surprised and I can see everyone coming and going as well as observe everything that is going on. I may be slightly paranoid but I can’t really tell because it’s me. Thanks.


    • philebersole Says:

      I, too, like to sit with my back to a wall so that people don’t come up behind me without me seeing them.

      And you know the definition of a paranoid—one who lacks the normal person’s ability to diminish awareness of reality.


  2. informationforager Says:

    One last comment when it was suggested that I might be paranoid by my therapist. I asked him “why I can’t just be considered very highly politically astute?” Never really got a good answer. Thanks.


  3. Anne Tanner Says:

    Ah, it’s good to concentrate on the important aspects of life!


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