Mexican border as secure as it is going to get


Apprehensions of unauthorized immigrants at the U.S.-Mexican border, which is the only way we have to measure illegal immigration, are at the lowest level in more than 40 years, according to the Washington Spectator.  Deportations of unauthorized residents meanwhile are at their highest level in more than a century.

I don’t say that this is a solution to the unauthorized immigration problem in the United States.  I do say this is as close as we’re going to come to solving the problem through enforcement alone.

Click on The Border Hasn’t Been This Secure in 40 Years for the full article in the Washington Spectator.

Click on The Wrong Kind of Immigration Spending for a report and charts from The American Prospect

Click on Immigration Enforcement In the United States for a PDF of the Migration Policy Institute’s report.

Click on Migration Policy Institute Topics for a menu of recent news items about the Institute from USA Today.

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2 Responses to “Mexican border as secure as it is going to get”

  1. America’s southern border – it’s a problem | Philippine Thoughts Says:

    […] Mexican border as secure as it is going to get ( […]


  2. Bob - on the border Says:

    Anything, including our southern border, can be made more secure, however I agree with your premise. The answer is not more border security. The cause of illegal immigration is not a lack of security and it is the cause that should be addressed. Deportations are at an all time high, buy were higher during the 50’s – IF you take into account that those deplorable round-ups caused ‘self-deportation’.

    Everyone should remain vigilant and research our facts. I especially like the links that you provide.


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