Another tax on the middle class

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When I attended college sixty-some years ago, state universities provided free or affordable education to anyone who could do college work.  That is the function of a public university.  If the goal of a university is to maximize revenue by maximizing enrollment and/or tuition, it is no different from a private, for-profit educational institution and no reason why it should be subsidized by the taxpayers.

It is hard to escape the following conclusion:

If tuition has increased astronomically and the portion of money spent on instruction and student services has fallen, if the (at very least comparative) market value of a degree has dipped and most students can no longer afford to enjoy college as a period of intellectual adventure, then at least one more thing is clear: higher education, for-profit or not, has increasingly become a scam.

via n+1.

And if a college degree is a requirement to get a job with a middle-class income, then rising tuition for public higher education is as much a tax on the middle class as the residential property tax.

Click on Bad Education for the full article in n + 1 magazine.

Click on How The American University Was Killed, in Five Easy Steps for more.

Hat tip for the chart to the Huffington Post.

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