How I would change things if I could

Here are ways to push back against the USA’s slippery slide into autocracy and oligarchy.

Rescind the Authorization for Use of Military Force resolution.

Repeal the USA Patriot Act.

Repeal the Espionage Act.

Pass a Constitutional amendment creating an affirmative right to vote for all mentally-competent adults.

Have nonpartisan commissions draw legislative and congressional districts.

Pass a Constitutional amendment stating that only individual human beings (not corporations) have the rights of persons.

Prosecute financial fraud.

Restore the Glass-Steagall Act.

Break up the “too big to fail” banks.

Enact the Employee Free Choice Act aka Card Check.

Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act.

Raise the mimium wage and index it to inflation.

End the “war on drugs”.

Allow re-financing of student loans by the Federal Reserve at the same rates it gives to big banks.

Allow Bankruptcy Courts to modify mortgage loans of underwater homeowners to fair market value.

Disapprove the Keystone XL Pipeline border crossing.

Break off negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.


Each proposal is also a link that will provide more information.

What have I overlooked?  What have I got wrong?


Here are some follow-up posts and proposals.

What to do about mass incarceration of blacks (7/3/13)

alexander.m.newjimcrowEnd privatized prisons.

End privatized probation services.

End profiteering in provision of prison services.

Do not try juveniles with adults.

Do not incarcerate juveniles with adults.

Allow educational opportunities for inmates beyond the GED.

Repeal mandatory sentencing legislation.

Re-examine “zero tolerance” policies.

I don’t see how Obamacare can work (7/3/13)

Defend, strengthen and expand Medicare.

Defend, strengthen and expand Medicaid.

What is the purpose of the public schools? (7/20/13)

How I’d change the public schools (7/20/13)

Get advice on public education from experienced, award-winning teachers, not from billionaire businesspeople.

An educational reform that seems obvious (7/20/13)

Give teachers in high-poverty, high-crime areas extra pay to equalize their compensation with pay of teachers in wealthy suburban districts.

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5 Responses to “How I would change things if I could”

  1. informationforager Says:

    I think you got it right. Is anything overlooked? Yea, probably But you got most of it and we can get the rest later. Thanks.


  2. Anne Tanner Says:

    I’d suggest that, sooner rather than later, election financing reform has to be there. I’m not sure that would rescue Congress from the swamp it’s in now, but it would be an excellent first step.


  3. philebersole Says:

    I haven’t proposed anything on campaign finance reform, nor corporate governance, nor immigration, because I don’t have any good ideas on these subjects.



    • Atticus Says:

      Immigration: Make it VERY easy and cheap to LEGALLY immigrate to the United States. Easy enough that coming illegally is more work than coming legally. Provide incentives for immigrants that have skills we need to come to the United States. Take away incentives for criminals to come (i.e., Drug war), enforce a zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration and employers who hire illegal immigrants.

      Do not waste money building and patrolling a wall – that sounds incredibly expensive and unsustainable.


    • Atticus Says:

      Campaign Finance Reform: Set a cap on campaign spending per election ($100 million?). End super-pacs as we now know them, end corporate donations. All donations must come from individuals and cannot exceed $2,000, adjusted each election for inflation. Donations can be made directly to the person running for office or a supporting organization (i.e., Their super-pac) but cannot be over $2k total. Any company who wishes to support a candidate must do so via donations which comply with the donation limits established above. Just a few ideas to start.


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