Post reveals more NSA PRISM slides

Over the weekend the Washington Post revealed more of the NSA slide presentation on the secret PRISM program.  Click on NSA slides explain PRISM data-collection program for the Post’s report.  Here are the slides, in their order on the Power Point presentation.   I think they make more sense in that order, even though you have to scroll down to see the newly-released slides.   Double click on the slides to enlarge them.




Here’s what I think these slides show.

The National Security Agency has the capability of collecting not only the meta-data of e-mail, phone calls and other electronic communication, but the contents of the communication, and storing them in its vast data centers.

Data is being collected not only on foreign governments and suspected terrorists, but on the whole world, including the American public, in case it may be needed later.

The NSA and the federal government in general have the capability of spying on not only potential terrorists and foreign governments, but dissident citizens and political opponents, and of blackmailing them for political purposes.

There is a long history of governments, including the U.S. government, spying on dissidents and engaging in covert action against them.

NSA spokesmen say they operate within guidelines that prevent them from doing this.

You either take the NSA’s word for this or you don’t because at this point there is no way to know.

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4 Responses to “Post reveals more NSA PRISM slides”

  1. Action for Freedom from NSA Spying | Action for Freedom Says:

    […] Post reveals more NSA PRISM slides ( […]


  2. EthnicKonflict Says:

    I cannot help but disagree with fearing the NSA. In a world continuously toying with theocracy, I would rather a tyranny than extinction. I understand the dangers and do not care. This is an emergency.

    The future we are ploughing into cannot sustain a population both free and also insane. We need stronger centralized power, and we need our most intelligent minds to be at the top making the important decisions. I would gladly trade my privacy for better leadership. Humanity has invested too much in its survival to commit species suicide, no matter how morally courageous the motive.

    I believe our best chance lies in strong, effective, well-informed, and scientific leadership. Our chances are not great no matter what, but we should do whatever it takes to survive.

    The only thing that could change my mind is knowledge that the NSA is more insane than the public.


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