The Holstee manifesto


Click on The Holstee Manifesto for background.  Hat tip to Brain Pickings.

I admit that not everyone is in a position to quit their job or to travel.  This advice, and some of the other inspirational advice I post, may seem like mockery to someone who is out of work and barely hanging on.  I say, take it for what it is worth—to you.

There was a time in history when only kings and aristocrats were in a position to follow the advice of this manifesto.  Now millions of people can.  This is why, in spite of everything, this is a good time to be alive.

[Afterthought]  Click on How to Do What You Love for wise advice from Paul Graham.

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One Response to “The Holstee manifesto”

  1. mark adams Says:

    Life is more than the pursuit of happiness and doing what feels right.
    In other words, don’t quit your job until you are set up.

    Immanuel Kant said, “the single deed, which is at all times good, is good will.” That is the benevolent concern and action as a willing effort to help others. Go with that.

    Individuals function in society, which in turn functions as a collective.The value of our character determines who we are by the consequences of our actions.

    We all should be suited for our job. Each person becoming an adult acquires specific skills. This model of training, education, apprenticing is becoming an adult to provide for one’s self and family. As skill increases reward follows and he/she pursues this as a career. There is a cycle: (interest > skill level > reward > interest >, etc.) This cycle is a simple concept; but difficult to initialize. Each of us wants to find a job in which we excel, that we enjoy and which pays well.

    Few people find it. We find that we cannot wear many hats. Each of us is limited in what we can do well. The important idea is to do one occupational task and do it well to cause a positive change for many rather than for your benefit alone.


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