The generation gap


All too true!   When I attended high school in the late 1940s and early 1950s, we all took for granted that anybody who was willing to work hard could get a job of some kind, anybody with a high school diploma could get a good job, and anybody with a college degree could get an excellent job.

Now the vast majority of Americans have high school diplomas, and more Americans than ever before have college degrees, but this isn’t enough to guarantee them good jobs, or even jobs at all.  All it has done is to raise the bar.

Click on Master’s is the new Bachelor’s to read about the next step in degree inflation.

Source of the graphic: quickmeme

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2 Responses to “The generation gap”

  1. Notes To Ponder Says:

    My daughter with her political science degree is working in a bar and my sons still live at home believing they will come up with the next big video game. Our world doesn’t resemble anything within my frame of reference 🙂


  2. mark adams Says:

    News of fewer high paying job prospects for college graduates in many areas and sky high college costs may be very hard on small universities. Our local community colleges are in dire straits due to a drop in student loan programs and the (provisional?)doubling of loan rates last week.

    I see an increase in trade schools and a drop in 4 year liberal arts.


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