Lest we forget: Racial violence in America

Most white Americans know more about the Holocaust of the Jews than we know about the history of slavery and white supremacy in our own country.

We ought to remember that history—not because present-day white Americans are individually guilty of the crimes of that era, or because we white Americans are the only bad people in a good world, but because we need an accurate knowledge of the past in order to understand the present.

The video above is a segment of a three-part BBC series on the global history of white racism.   Here are links to the full series.

Part One: The Colour of Money is about the origins of racism as a way to justify the African slave trade.

Part Two: Fatal Impacts is about the “scientific” racism of the 19th century.

Part Three: A Savage Legacy is about racism in the United States, the Belgian Congo and South Africa.  If you don’t have time to watch a full episode, I urge you to watch the first 10 minutes of this one.

Hat tip to Chauncey DeVega.

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