‘…will make violent revolution inevitable’

President John F. Kennedy famously said in 1962: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” His words, if not his actions, were wise and inspiring, and I thought of them in connection with the Arab Spring and the Egyptian coup.

Thousands and thousands of Egyptians conducted peaceful—relatively peaceful—demonstrations in order to replace the dictatorship of President Mubarak with a democratically elected government.

The result has been set aside by the Egyptian military, which receives more than $1 billion a year from the U.S. government to buy military equipment which has been used mainly against Egypt’s own people.   In return the U.S. Air Force gets to use Egyptian air space and the Navy gets to use the Suez Canal.

If the U.S. government were genuinely interested in promoting democracy and helping the Egyptian people, and winning their good will, we would spend $1 billion a year to help Egypt pay down its external debt and to import food and the other necessities.

Instead we have empowered General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, the leader of the Egyptian military, to make peaceful revolution impossible and violent revolution inevitable.


Has Military Suppression of Political Islam Ever Worked? by Juan Cole on his Informed Comment web log.   Answer: In the long run, no.

Speaking the Truth About the Egyptian Coup by David Remnick for The New Yorker.  He asked whether anything the Muslim Brotherhood might do is worse than what General Adbel Fattah el-Sisi, the Egyptian military commander, has done.

And now a message from our (Saudi) sponsors by Pete Escobar for Asia Times.  Escobar said the Saudi government, not the U.S. government, is calling the shots in Egypt.

ElBaradi accused by Egypt of “breaking national trust” by Olga Brajnovic on Blognovic’s Weblog. Mohammed ElBaradi, a UN diplomat and Nobel Peace Prize winner, joined the military government as interim deputy foreign minister.  He resigned August 14 when the government began its crackdown on pro-Morsi protesters.  Now the government has filed charges against him for making it look bad.  The fact that a resignation because of conscience can be considered a crime shows where this government is going.

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