War resolution is a trap for Congress


Why does President Obama want authorization from Congress to attack Syria, when he claims he doesn’t need it and some administration officials say he may go ahead even without authorization?

Surely one reason is that a favorable vote will give him political cover.  Senators John Kerry and Hillary Clinton voted for the Bush administration’s requests for authorization to use military force against Iraq and Al Qaeda.  That made it possible for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to say that they had equal responsibility.

That same will be said by Barack Obama and Joe Biden if Elizabeth Warren or Rand Paul vote for the authorization to use force against Syria, and later criticize administration policy.  It’s a good political ploy.  Let’s hope that a majority of the Senate and the House of Representatives have as good an understanding of the situation as a majority of the American people.


The dogs of war and the emerging caravan by Pepe Escobar for Asia Times. Escobar contrasted how the United States is being led into another quagmire war with how Russia and China are building up their power in heart of Asia.

We need to talk about Prince Bandar by Peter Lee for Counterpunch.  Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia is a key figure in instigating the Syrian rebellion and trying to draw the United States in, yet his role goes unnoticed.

Kerry portrait of Syria rebels at odds with intelligence reports by Reuters.  Contrary to Secretary of State John Kerry’s statements, there is solid evidence that Al Qaeda is a driving force in the Syrian rebellion.

Many humane, liberal people would like to see United States forces invade Syria, overthrow the tyrant Assad and turn the rule of the country over to the grateful Syrian people.  That is precisely what many of us Americans hoped for in 2003 concerning the tyrant Saddam.

But this is not the war that was fought, either because that was not the administration’s goal or because it was not possible to do or both.  History does not repeat, but it rhymes, as Mark Twain said.  The people who justify an invasion of Syria on humanitarian grounds represent the same groups, and in many cases are the same individuals, who justified an invasion of Iraq on the same grounds.

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