The politics of defunding Obamacare (2)


Click on The GOP’s Self-Defeating ‘Defunding’ Strategy for Karl Rove’s article in the Wall Street Journal.

Click on Someone Tell Ted Cruz the Obamacare War Is Over for comment on Ted Cruz’s anti-Obamacare speech by Jonathan Chait in New York magazine.

Click on What Ted Cruz Doesn’t Understand About Green Eggs and Ham for more comment on Cruz’s speech by Matthew Yglesias for Slate’s Moneybox.

Click on Conservatives Suspicious of the Concept of Health, But Anti-Choice Extremists Beat Them To It by Amanda Marcotte for RH Reality Check, who argues that hard-core right-wingers oppose the very concept of public health.

Click on Reality Politics by “Doctor Science” for Obsidian Wings for an argument that the campaign to defund Obamacare is performance art, not a serious legislative strategy, whose purpose is increased contributions to right-wing fundraisers.

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