The conservative case for Obama

Under Barack Obama, stock prices are up and government deficits are down.  The overall national debt continues to increase, but if it is increasing at a slower rate than the overall economy, that is good enough.

Now it is true that the President doesn’t run the government all by himself, and the government does not determine the state of the national economy all by itself.   Still, if I were a conservative, I would have a more favorable opinion of President Obama than I do.

Click on Economically, Could Obama Be America’s Best President? by Adam Hartung for Forbes for the conservative case for Obama.  Hat tip for the link to Anne Tanner.

[Added 10/19/13]   Since, however, I am not a conservative, my opinion is based on how bad the current economy is for people who work for wages and salaries rather than how good it is for people who invest in the financial markets.  I grant that the state of the economy depends on many things, and is not determined by the President or any other individual.

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