The shutdown ends, the battle continues

While the government is for now allowed to resume normal operations, it is operating under the sequestration of funds.   The sequester, which went into effect in March, is the result of the previous budget standoff between the President and congressional Republicans.  It consists of across-the-board budget cuts so drastic that it was thought that the two parties would compromise rather than allow them to go into effect.

MW-AR658_spendi_20120521163312_ME11This is not what liberals want.

On January 15, the continuing resolution to fund the government expires and a new round of sequesters goes into effect.  If the Senate and House agree on another “clean” continuing resolution, that will be in effect a victory for the conservative Republicans.  I won’t call it a defeat for President Obama because his own stated goal is a “grand bargain” to reduce the deficit.

Would the radical right wing of the Republican Party be satisfied with this?  Will liberals and Democrats counterattack and, if so, how?  Stay tuned.  We live in interesting times.


The shutdown is over, but the austerity fight continues by “Yves Smith” for Al Jazeera. [added 10/19/13]

The Shutdown Is Over But Sequester Carries On by Aaron Bornstein for the Washington Spectator.

The Tea Party’s Tactical Brilliance and Strategic Incompetence by William K. Black for New Economic Perspectives.  Hat tip to Naked Capitalism.

What Fiscal Conservatism?  The Cost of the Republican Shutdown by Ernest A. Canning on the Brad Blog.

What Was ‘Essential’ and What Wasn’t: the Government Shutdown in Perspective by Mattea Kramer and Jo Cornford for TomDispatch.

The Government Shutdown Was Temporary, Its Damage to Science Permanent by Andrew A. Rosenberg for Scientific American.  Hat tip to Mike the Mad Biologist.

Why the Government Shutdown Is Not Anarchist Utopia by Nathan Schneider for TruthOut.  A real anarchist protests calling Tea Party Republicans anarchists.

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