Saudi Arabia displeased with new U.S. policies

For decades the keystone of United States foreign policy in the Middle East has been the unwritten alliance with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

saudi-arabia-festivalThe deal was that Saudi Arabia would be a reliable supplier of oil to the United States and would recycle its oil income by investing in the U.S. economy and buying American weapons systems.  In return, the United States would support Saudi interests and defend the Kingdom from radical movements such as Al Qaeda and dangerous neighbors such as Saddam’s Iraq and the Ayatollahs’ Iran.

Now this alliance is falling apart over President Obama’s willingness to make peace with Syria and Iran.

I think this was bound to happen sooner or later.  The interests of a backward, theocratic monarchy are not the same as the interests of the United States.

I respect President Obama for his willingness to pursue an independent policy, and I hope he succeeds.   He faces great obstacles.  Saudi wealth gives the Kingdom great influence in American politics, and Obama also faces opposition from Israel, the third member of the unwritten alliance.

The best policy for the United States to follow is friendship with all Middle Eastern nations who are willing to be friendly to the U.S. rather taking sides in conflicts within the region.


Saudi Arabia Warns of a Shift Away from U.S. Over Syria, Iran by Amena Bakr and Warren Strobel for Reuters.

The REAL Reason for Saudi Arabia’s Shift Away from U.S. by Washington’s Blog.  The real reason is said to be the fact that China has replaced the United States as the world’s biggest importer of oil.

The self-beheading House of Saud by Pepe Escobar for Asia Times.

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